I have to admit that in my eyes, one of XIII’s strong points lies in the character development and the relationships between the main cast. They’ve left some pretty strong, positive impressions on me and XIII succeeded in making me invested in the character development. Fang is one of the characters who justifies my feelings the most.

Fang is someone who carries herself with confidence and determination. She is bold and fearless, but also quite practical and upfront about her feelings: she is straightforward and always acts with purpose in mind, focusing on the objective. It might be reckless, but for Fang, no risk is too great, and no challenge is impossible if it means doing what needs to be done. Fang isn’t fueled by personal gain, however, she does this for the sake of someone else, someone she cares about very deeply, namely Vanille. She’ll ally herself with Sanctum officials, she’ll painfully Orphan alone, she’ll “tear down the sky” to protect Vanille.

When together, Fang and Vanille bring out very important sides of themselves that others might not see as obviously. In Fang’s case, Vanille brings out Fang’s protective, caring and compassionate, even selfless nature. She certainly shows these traits for others, but not to the extent she does with Vanille. She always looks out for Vanille and her well-being, seeking to keep her out of harm’s way, preferring to try and shoulder hardships alone. She’ll always take the time to say or do something to reassure her if need be, partly because she’s so aware of Vanille’s tendency to bask in her worries and fears quietly.

I don’t just like Fang because of her strong, confident nature, but because of the compassion and care that fuels her strength.

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